ONE OF THEM - Ky Brisebois

"His own brand of street riding which is very refreshing to watch"

3 Jan 2020

Filmed and edited by Matt Perrin

It's pretty special being able to watch a rider grow to their full potential. As in, you remember seeing them learn their first flyout tailwhip years ago and now their busting them out of manny's and doing 540's down stair sets. Ky's that rider for me and it's a trip seeing every new video he puts out because he continually one ups himself. For example you may remember him from his 'DIG LOCALS' video a few months ago. While that was filmed over a shorter period of time and this is more of a video part in itself the way he really throws himself at progressing is inspiring to watch. Anyway enough tear jerking, kick back, be wowed and remember the name... this isn't the last we've seen of Ky.

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