Owen Dawson Welcome To Volume

Is there a rail trick this kid can't do?

28 Jan 2016

Filmed and edited by Andrew Schubert

Owen Dawson is the newest addition to the Volume Bikes team via Killemall Distro in Canada, and he wasted no time in firing out a really awesome introductory edit up in Vancouver!  Look for a DIG exclusive Youth of Today video and interview dropping with Owen very soon.  This kid is blowing up!

"Owen Dawson is a f-n grinding Canadian powerhouse. Ever since I first saw him ride, he’s done every grind I could have imagine. Owen also works his ass off for our Canadian distro, KillEmAll Distribution in Vancouver, Canada and makes sure every Volume product is packaged and looking good for all you guys up north.  Owen doesn’t let you down with his Welcome To Volume Edit, be sure to push that play button and get ready to be amazed!" - Volume Bikes