PAELLA - A Barcelona BMX Trip

"I believe BMX video's aren't just about the riding"

23 Oct 2019

Here at DIG, BMX has always been much more about community than it has been about competition. Our DIG LOCALS series continues to introduce you to good riders, good filmmakers and good people from local scenes worldwide. Our latest comes from Rotterdam's Marc Scherpenzeel, a talented filmmaker who knows that BMX goes well beyond the riding.

"My name is Marc Scherpenzeel. I am 26 years old and currently living in Rotterdam, Holland. I make a living through filmmaking, which all started by filming my friends skateboarding/riding bmx.

A few years later and a lot of friends being made; Kevin, Floris, Niels, Sharvan and I went to visit our friends Guyan and Joram (Which you might know from Dig Locals "Joram van Dijk") to have a good two weeks in Barcelona containing riding, slamming, beers and everything else. Just as last year, I documented as much as possible on my Panasonic GH5 and Super 8 film. Out came this video which is called PAELLA (Follow up of GUAPA, last year).

The reason I would like to submit this video is that I believe BMX video's aren't just about the riding, it's about the whole video: Atmosphere, (life)style, music, colours, etc. Therefore I would like this video to be shared, for everyone to enjoy." - Marc Scherpenzeel.

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