Parallels - Joe Embrey X Kris Bunnage for UNITED

The same... but different, in the UK

15 Sep 2022

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"This edit came together quite naturally. We had no plan other than to visit some places we hadn't been and document sessions with friends around the country. Despite having very different riding styles we soon realised we share the same stoke for finding spots, helping each other get stuff done and document it. There are a lot of parallels - a split part made the most sense! With both of us being into shooting photos, the zine was a natural by-product of the last year and a half of sessions.

With edits passing by so quickly these days, we thought it'd be a nice way to help the good times we've had riding together stick around a little longer! Massive thank you to the United and 4Down family, Will at Dig for the help in putting this together, special thanks to our good friend Ryan Mitson for the Parallels graphics." - Joe Embrey


Filming and Edit - Joe Embrey, Kris Bunnage, Harry Barrett

Photos - Joe Embrey, Kris Bunnage, Steve Broomfield, Tom Fitzsimmons, Adam Blythe

Graphics - Ryan Mitson

Music - Graveyard, No Good, Mr. Holden


Pick up the PARALLELS zine at 4DOWN dealers throughout the UK.

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