Pareidolia - Lazzarus and Gravey

Brandon Christie, Mike Pomerleau, Josh Perry, Kyle Bouley, Bobby Proctor, and more

30 May 2016

Edited by Brandon Christie

Pareidolia's latest video is technically a leftovers edit, but it doesn't feel like one at all.  The Massachusetts based crew make their way north to Main and inland to Pittsburg while working on a future project, and tossed together a bunch of rad clips that were destined for the cutting room floor.

"Last year we took a few trips to Maine and Pittsburg to start a bigger project and we had a bit of meat that we decided to not save. Boss Man Brandon Christie put this one together, along with some artistic help from Mackenzie Burke in the animation department. Featuring the whole Pareidolia Team minus a few, with some friends sprinkled in for good measure, "Paul Rad for Congress". Shout out to the team for always making it fun.. Brandon Christie, Mike Pomerleau, Josh Perry, Kyle Bouley, Coleman Lopes, Bobby Proctor, Jake Molineaux, Sam Lawson, and myself Shajn Raines" - Pareidolia

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2 Feb 2015

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