Presence - Last Stand DVD

The full and final DVD from Montreal's Presence Crew

8 Jun 2018

Filmed by Jeremy Deme, Zach Rampen, Sean Cooke and Justin Kirnan

In 2006, the idea of filming a Montreal squad based BMX DVD in one summer was a simple task. The Presence MTL dudes were out cruising nearly every day anyway. Fast forward 12 years and 4 DVD projects later, Last Stand took the older, more scattered, busier, responsibility ridden/ schedule burdened squad a few years to put together. 

With the home base of Montreal and trips to Ottawa, Quebec City, Toronto, NYC, Albany, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, the crew slowly stacked up for the full length. 

Featuring Corey Dewey, Sean Cooke, Jeremy Deme, Mike Fiz, Francis Pasquino, Dillon Lloyd, Slo boy, Greg Flag, Justin Kirnan, Jeff Evans, and friends. For the love of the full length. 

Kosoy in Montreal

14 Oct 2016