Mitch Radcliffe - Inspired By Spring

One month in London, ON

5 Apr 2016

Video by Classic Crew

We met Mitch last year in Nashville while out with Nathan Williams and now we can see what he's been working on for the whole of March in London, Ontario. Look out for the monologue at the end with some of Mitch's thoughts about riding in general. There's some great clips in this.

"I wanted to do something a little different with this video I have been stacking clips for my Classic dvd section for just over a year now and have already come up with around 20 minutes of footage to pick through with 2 years left on the project timeline. Needless to say I felt I had some time to change my focus for a short detour. I though it would be fun to see what kind of edit i could film in a month so I started filming two or 3 fun things every session that I had and then once i filled the timeline I stopped. Its refreshing to be able to share something new that I'm stoked on and had way too much fun making with my BMX brothers , family and friends. I included some behind the scenes footage with a monologue I wrote as a reminder of the things I feel while riding and an attempt to give some small glimpse of that to the outside world. Hopefully you are inspired by this video to go out and ride your city right after you finish reading this sentence!" - Mitch Radcliffe