Profile - Classic 19mm Race Crank Specs

Matt Coplon explains more

21 Aug 2015

Video by Profile

Most of us have surely run a set of the classic Profile Race cranks before at some point and with a lifetime warrenty and a name that carries a long history behind it they're a no-brainer if you're in the market. Matt Coplon explains more. More all the numbers and decimal points, see below:

RHD crankset includes crank arms, 19mm GDH heat-treated CrMo axle, GDH crank bolts, flush washers, sprocket bolt, and crank installation/removal tool. Titanium upgrades available for axle, axle bolts, and sprocket bolt.

Guide for 19mm axle lenghts:
-5.625"(for Mid,American,Spanish,and internal Euro BB's)
-6.0"(for 68mm & 73mm external Euro BB's)
-6.875"(for 83mm & 100mm Euro BB's)
-5.25"(for Track 68mm internal Euro BB's)


Crank Arm Weight (per set).
145mm: 505g/17.75oz
160mm: 539g/18.95oz
165mm: 561g/19.75oz
170mm: 562g/19.8oz
175mm: 572g/20.15oz
177mm: 577g/20.3oz
180mm: 590g/20.8oz
182mm: 596g/21oz
185mm: 600g/21.15oz
190mm: 613g/21.6oz

Spindle Weight.
Chromo 5.25in: 227g/8oz Titanium: 148g/5.2oz
Chromo 5.625in: 245g/8.6oz Titanium: 156g/5.5oz
Chromo 6.0in: 259g/9.1oz Titanium: 163g/5.7oz
Chromo 6.875in: 296g/10.4oz