PROFILE - Postcards From Ohio

Three large cities with hundreds of spots

6 Jul 2023


Filmed and Edited by Ryan Howard

"I had been traveling to Ohio filming for a new video part with Ryan Howard when I had the idea to combine it as a Profile trip with a couple of the dudes. Having three large cities with hundreds of spots within an hour of Ryan's place, I thought it would make for a real fun and productive trip.

In Ohio, I got into town a few days early to prep a couple spots that needed some work and to snag some clips for my project.

Dan Conway arrived first, then while we sat, baking in the Ohio sun, Dillon and Shane Leeper arrived which is when the fun really began. Within 5 days of riding and filming, so much fun was had, the laughs never stopped, and every spot was handled to capacity."

We hope you enjoy." -Billy Woodfin


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