Reed Stark - 'KANODE KNOWS' X DIG BMX Podcast

Positive vibes.

10 Apr 2023

bsd etnies

"Reed Stark is a professional BMX rider for BSD, Etnies, Sweets Kendamas, Rawr Superfoods, SMKFLWR and Plants Basically. He's such a positive force in the world. He was a huge factor in making the amazing BSD Cliffhanger video come to life and we talk about that in this episode. He's creating a non profit called the Try Again Foundation, he's hosting jams, planning trips, and living the travelling life. I first met him 15 or so years ago when he was on a trip in AZ for "Team Dilly" which you should totally go watch his part in their video called "It Do". Loved this convo, and hope you do too. It was a shorter episode than normal and he'll be back for a round 2 soon! Thanks for watching/listening. If you leave a 5 star review my mom will finally give me the approval I've been searching for my whole life." - Bobby Kanode

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6 Apr 2023