"Look at that bridge!" "Whaaaat?!"

27 Oct 2016

Video by Reed Stark

That opening scene of Rich Forne riding over all the cobblestones is very Prague, bumpy cobblestones everywhere. That x-up ride down the stairs was amazing, how'd he get out of that! Reed also goes big and brings in special guests for his Safari's, this one has the Federal team holding it down.

Decided to mob down to Prague, Czech Republic after finding out some of my homies on the Federal crew were a 6 hour train ride away. The city was beautiful and full of amazing BMX spots and parties. I'm starting a Safari Stories podcast to chat about some of the weird experiences I've had on the road so if you have any questions about this trip, traveling in general, or really anything else leave a comment and I'll answer it in a video later next week. - Reed

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