Roc Bottom - Phil Demattia / Tony Hamlin

Two of Rochester's finest

8 Jan 2016

Filmed and edited by Dave Raffa

DIG proudly presents the next Roc Bottom section featuring two of Rochester's finest Phil Demattia and Tony Hamlin, one a kickflipping transplant from the UK and the other a local who has been a mainstay of the scene for many years.  These two are familiar faces who don't need much introduction, so press play and enjoy!

"I think this section represents what it's like to ride with Tony & Phil. Y'know, the kind of stuff they'd be doing any given session. Tony is an amazingly nimble bike rider, and Phil has accurate precision. I'd say 90% of Tony's clips he was just messing around. Phil's crankflips can't be fucked with. He has a unique bike setup; two pegs on the same side as his sprocket. Giving his back left pedal / crank a nice open spot for grinding. The over pedal slide is so dope. Both of these guys kill it, and it's cool seeing them in a split part. Next up is the dynamic duo of Cork & Ickspat (Nick Spath) who close out the video." - Matt Smith

Roc Bottom - Intro

28 Oct 2015