Roc Bottom - Adventure Spot

Shout out to Google Earth!

12 Nov 2015

Filmed and edited by Dave Raffa

Dave Raffa and the guys enjoy the fruits of Nate Stahura's internet spot scoping. You never know what you might find doing a bit of looking online!

Words from the man behind 'Roc Bottom' Dave Raffa here on DIG - Welcome to Roc Bottom With Dave Raffa

"This section is known as the Adventure spot section. It is transitioned in with an excerpt about water. In fact the body of water in this section is a reserve reservoir for the city of Rochester. Nate had found this spot while LFS-ing on Google earth. It is not the easiest thing to ride, although it look like it would be. It took several trips down there till it was dry and able to be ridden. Initially the section was going to be longer, but my tape got messed up. There was 1/3 the footage left to work with. This section may be short, but I’m sure you probably want to ride it, don’t you?" - Dave Raffa

Roc Bottom - Intro

28 Oct 2015