Sorry For Partying Trailer

John Yoh, Joe Niranonta, Joby Suender, Kevin Vannauker, Marnold, and more

5 Oct 2015

Filmed and edtied by Tom Nguyen

Sorry For Partying is a new video project by Tom Nguyen featuring a wide cast of Philadelphia area riders, including a number of the Chocolate Truck guys. No need to apologize boys, and we look forward to seeing the full video!

"I've been seeing a lot of stuff lately about how everyone thinks that BMX sucks in South Jersey, or that it's dead in general now compared to earlier years. While most of you are sitting on your asses complaining on the internet & hyping up these whack clothing companies, I've been out filming, meeting some of the coolest people from all over the world and partying with my homies for months. Take some notes, and go have some fun on your bikes kids.

Sorry for partying!

Riders in order of appearance:

Arty Barrera
Jared Manganelli
John Yoh
Nick Maltese
Sean Guest
Joe Camp
Adem Gunaydin
Victor Behm
Joe Niranonta
Andrew White
Joby Suender
Kevin Vannauker
Brandon Bunting
Matt Mazzone
Mike Ware
Brett Tocco
Dave Raffa" - Tom Nguyen