2015 LFS 5050 Skatepark Jam

New rail setup at 5050 slayed and then some...

10 Apr 2015

Filmed and edited by Brandon Bermudez

Here's some highlights from a jam the LFS crew threw recently at 5050 Skatepark in Staten Island, NY, featuring Alex Avilla, Mike Meehan, Mikey "Smallfry" Almodovar, Doroba, Chris Dolan, Mike Kleissler, Dan Diehl, Jeff With Glasses, Vinny Crispino, Steve Kulischenko and Mike Stahl. Park founder Ed Polio made some mods a-frame rail, and that's where most of the action went down. Shout-out to Kink Bikes and Animal for supplying some of the giveaways. While you're at it, give that LFS 2 trailer another watch, and check out our feature on their upcoming release.