REPO: 50/50 Animal Jam

I always run into someone and pop out a knee or hip...

10 Feb 2015

animal 5050 BMX AlexAvilla2 CM

Never satisfied until he gets all the tricks he can do on a set-up, Alex Avilla slings the bars into a double peg

Photos By Chris Marshall Intro by Ralph Sinisi

Jams definitely help push BMX, are fun, and a great mix of all styles of riding. Especially rolling with your crew and meeting other riders are worth it alone, on top of the sick sessions that go down. I don't ride or go to these things usually since there are too many people and I always run into someone and pop out a knee or hip, but besides having to watch out for people they are great. 5050 is a great mix of all kinds of obstacles and a real deal hardcore skatepark atmosphere. It is a great place to have for BMX in the winter in the NYC area plus a place to stay sane while there is snow on the ground. Get out and support it for the rest of the season if you did or didn't make the jam either way. Thanks to all those who made it out and thanks to 50/50 for throwing it. 

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50/50 Animal Jam

"5050 is a great mix of all kinds of obstacles and a real deal hardcore skatepark atmosphere" - Ralph Sinisi - More Info

animal 5050 BMXEdandAngelicaPollio-cm

A new addition to the heartbeat of 5050. Adrienne with Ed and Angelica Pollio

animal 5050 BMXGrimaldoandGeorgeDuran cm

Grimaldo and George Duran

animal 5050 BMX Marc Bupsy-Kachtan cm

Amidst the Swarm, Bupsy aced this over tooth stall to back over first go. 

animal 5050 BMX Jeffwithglasses cm

Jeff With Glasses

animal 5050 BMX Smallfry Dan Diehl CM

Smallfry and Dan Diehl

"I feel very lucky that Animal Bikes would host an event here at 5050 Skatepark. Without Jams like this there would be no Skatepark here on Staten Island. I am amazed how many people always come out just because its an Animal Jam. I think the Animal Banks Jams in 2006-07 where the golden era in the NYC Bike Scene." - Ed Pollio 50/50 Skatepark

animal 5050 BMX DeRosa2

Anthony Derosa cranked across the park to get speed for this gap up the Euro to switch hanger. 

"I am glad to see a scene still thriving during the winter, when its cold and bleak outside. Without 5050 skatepark there are limited options and it fills the necessary void in the tri state scene. It reminds me of the good old days!" Shane Rossi

animal 5050 BMX ShaneRossi Launchpad Bupsy cm

Shane Rossi - Launchpad - Bupsy

animal 5050 BMX Stephan Salley CM

Stephan Salley

"5050 Skatepark has been a huge boost to the scene here in the tri-state area. It's always amazing to see new faces at the park. It's even more amazing when a brand with such a huge reputation comes out and shows support." Marc 'Bupsy' Kachtan

animal 5050 BMXAlexAvilla1 cm

Local Shredder Alex Avilla puts the new kink rail through some rigorous work with an ice all the way through.

"It's great to see that Animal is having a jam here at 5050 Skatepark for the second straight year. It brings out riders from all over the tristate area. Jams like this, especially in the brutal north east winters, is what keeps the BMX scene thriving and growing." Vinny Crispino 

animal 5050 BMX group1-cm
animal 5050 BMX Group2-cm

50/50 Animal Jam

1 Jan 2015