Rocco Giuseppe Welcome To Verde

Joining the team with high praise from Tony Neyer

11 Oct 2016

Filmed by Miles Rogoish, Will Stroud, Aaron Brenner, and Tony Neyer / Edited by Will Stroud

Rocco Giuseppe joins the Verde team, with a strong endorsement from their main man Tony Neyer, who got to know the talented young rider during a visit to Los Angeles last summer.  This kid has certainly got it!

"We are pleased to welcome Rocco Giuseppe to the Verde team. Tony Neyer is the man responsible for discovering Rocco last year when he visited LA with some friends. Here are some words from Neyer."
- Will Stroud Verde TM/Filmer

"Rocco Giuseppe is one of those kids that when they ride, no matter what he is doing from big rails to the tricky ledge lines there's nothing but sauce all over it. Swag pouring out of this kids ears on everything he touches. Rocco has been bouncing back and forth between his home town of Fresno and my house in Hollywood stackin' for this project and we are more than happy to welcome him to the Verde team and family." - Tony Neyer