Ruben Alcantara and the Story of the Malaga Skatepark

Ruben has always been, and will always be, a visionary.

23 Sep 2015

A DIG Production Filmed and edited by Joe Rich

Ruben Alcantara has always been one to question what is possible, and to push any boundaries that could limit his vision. After decades of this personal journey repeating itself in his riding, it would only make sense that Ruben go through the exact same process with anything he is involved with. What you are about to watch is a tale of the new skatepark in his hometown of Malaga, Spain. It really is a labor of Ruben's personal love for both riding, and what the future holds for upcoming generations. My goal with this was to tell the story of what emerged as a result of Ruben's hard work and dedication. Followed up by pure visual delight of watching him enjoy the fruits of his efforts. If there is one thing I love, is watching people ride as they would on any day, despite if anyone was looking or not. That purity never gets old to me . . . Ruben Alcantara has always, and will always be a visionary. The main thing that sets Ruben apart, is that he's made these visions blossom into realities time and time again. And the world is a better place because of it. - Joe Rich

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3 Oct 2014