Ryan Sher - Long Story Short

Remembering 'that' wall-ride and a whole lot more...

28 Sep 2015

A DIG Production

Since around the turn of the millennium Ryan Sher was a regular and welcome fixture of seemingly all BMX media coverage. Wether it was from early Kink Trips, Props Megatours, various magazine covers (everyones remembers that Ride US coverage of the curved wall-ride right?) or endless shots on our own pages of DIG dating back to his first UK visits at the old Bike Shows and Backyard Jams, and leading onto his first Euro trips with his then new company, Subrosa. Then, after 10 years of so it felt like the coverage just stopped almost overnight as Ryan took a major step back from being a Pro rider to concentrate as his new found BMX industry duties.

For episode 2 of our DIG ‘Long Story Short’ Series we caught up with Ryan to learn a little more about his early history within BMX, the story behind ‘that’ wall-ride and why he made the switch from full-time rider to full time brand manager for Subrosa. Enjoy.

Photography from the DIG BMX Archives #21yearsofprint

Rob Dolecki / Ed Docherty / Ricky Adam

Additional photography and special thanks:

Subrosa & The Shadow Conspiracy


Props Visual Ltd

Keith Mulligan

Bobby Kanode

Kink BMX

Stew Johnson

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