We've got big love for this one!

25 Aug 2021

Filmed by David López

"Samuel is a 25 years old kid from a small town up in Galicia (north of Spain) called O’barco de Valdeorras. This place is a valley in the middle of nowhere. It’s got a tiny and shitty skatepark and no street spots but yet him and his best friend “Pombo” have been shredding that place for years. I only met Samuel once when we were teenagers but years later, we got to hang out again, he was funny, good on the bike and the king of the party.

However all that partying lead into drug abuse and being off the bike for a couple of years, but with support of family, friends and his own will power, he is now in a detox center and more hyped on riding than ever. He told me that BMX is the best and most important thing in his life at the moment as it keeps him focused and off the drugs. And seriously, during the week he kills the Subrosa rail in the center’s backyard and on the weekend he comes out, gets 4-5 bangers per day, shreds his body and leaves with a big ass smile." - Fernando Laczko

This video was filmed in two and a half months during the weekends with his mate and filmer David López.


5 Jul 2021