Save Gorge Road Trails - Petition Here

In the name Infrastructure the jumps will be plowed, help stop that

9 Apr 2018

Video by Jack Birtles and United

Trails are shouting and they need your help! Sign the Petition to help save some of the most amazing public jumps, your few seconds could change everything. This is an old video, and neither of these riders roll with United now, but it is one of the best video I can remember show casing Gorge Road, and just imagine how much more amazing this place is now 4 years on.


"The Gorge Road dirt jumps are a world‐class facility for BMX and Mountain Bikes, created and maintained by more than a decade of passion and dedication from Queenstown locals. Despite their immense value to the world of riding and the Queenstown community, the jumps’ existence is now in jeopardy. The Queenstown Lakes District Council has announced that it will destroy Gorge in January of 2019, citing ‘Infrastructure’ as its reason. However, if enough public protest is raised, the Council may reconsider. 
Gorge is more than a set of jumps. It is a work of art, a labor of love, a training ground for some of the world’s best athletes, and a place for young and beginning riders to discover and progress in a new sport. More than anything, it is a home that brings together people from all over the world. Its value to the bike community, and to the character of Queenstown, cannot be overstated. Help us save the best jumps in the world!"