Two years in the making

27 Apr 2020

Video by ECLAT BMX

2020 had already started out real shitty with Covid-19 and the news of Sean Burns breaking his back was the final turd on top. Thankfully though Sean is made from hardened steel and as of a couple days ago, he took his first footsteps since his horrible accident. He still needs a bunch of help with his medical bills though so any help is always appreciated. On a much brighter note, for two years pre-crash, Sean was as always filming like a man possessed and now you can enjoy just under four minutes of new footage for ECLAT from the king of the high speed gap. It's not very often you see a tree ride to pegs either. Love ya Burns! That last clip is MONSTROUS!! Here's some words via ECLAT:

"BURNS! Filmed over the past two years, ECLAT PRO and BMX street legend Sean Burns come through with a banger filled video part of leather-clad roof drops, high-speed gaps, and full-throttle madness. Sean, unfortunately, was injured during the process of filming this video, and although he's made a remarkable recovery and is making extreme progress, he still needs our help with his medical bills and rehab support. A link to his go-fund me can be found above. All the love and support you can give Sean would be greatly appreciated. Burns truly is a man of steel and we cant wait to see him back on the steed and eyeing up the next deadman roof gap in the near future..." - ECLAT