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The Jimmy Levan Story

18 Mar 2019

A @chrisrye Film in Association with @digbmx & @realpropsbmx | Photo Ed Docherty / DIG Archives

GO FAST PULL UP ‘The Jimmy Levan Story’ - A Feature length BMX documentary.


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Props and DIG, with support from Vans, bring an epic BMX story to life. After 3-1/2 years in production, “Go Fast Pull Up: the Jimmy LeVan Story” has arrived.

Directed & edited by Chris Rye | Produced by Chris Rye and Will Smyth


As BMX evolved from the 1980’s into the 1990’s, a whole new generation of companies and riders rose to the forefront of the industry, forever changing its future.

Caught up in the fold was a young BMX racer from Louisville, Kentucky named James Menard LeVan. Along with his sister Susie, the pair traversed the ranks of the Midwest US racing scene, supported my their Mom’s ragtag track-side business.

After getting bored with pedaling fast around a track, Jimmy transitioned into dirt jumping and street riding, and soon found himself caught up in the mix as outside corporate companies entered BMX in the mid-90’s.

Using skills learned from years on the racetrack, Jimmy soon found himself at the helm of his own brand of street riding – jumping large gaps – which would ultimately elevate him to legend status within the expanding BMX scene, via Props Video Magazine and the pages of DIG BMX Magazine. ’Levangelism’ was born

With the “Midschool” era in full effect at the turn of the century, the BMX world was soon transformed as new rider-owned companies emerged, including Jimmy’s own brand Metal Bikes.

As the years went on, a string of bad injuries would plague Jimmy as his riding career began to slow down, until a fateful skateboard accident would forever change his world.

“Go Fast Pull Up” takes a look at Jimmy’s amazing story while stepping through important moments in BMX’s colorful history along the way.


Running time: 105 minutes

Featuring interviews with: Steve Crandall, Garrett Reynolds, Mat Hoffman, Chase Hawk, Susia & Karen LeVan, Sean Burns, Robbie Morales, Chris Moeller, Joe Rich, Brain Castillo, Taj Mihelich & lots more…


“Go Fast Pull Up” comes with a square 8″x8″ 76-page high quality printed book. The cover features matte lamination with a spot gloss pass. The inside back cover has a specially designed pocket which holds the disc. Includes a sticker pack from Props, DIG and Vans.

Bonus Sections

– Lost UGP Spaceship ad

– Rescuing the eMac

– Chase Hawk fake ID

– Todd Lyons outtakes

– Britt Walford crutches story

– Seth advertisements

– Susie speed racer

– Teaser trailer

– Full length trailer

– Metal “Faded Glory” full video *Bluray only

– Metal “Dead Bang” full video *Bluray only

– Road Fools 1 full video (digitally re-mastered) *Bluray only

– Road Fools 2 full video *Bluray only

– Transit issue 3 Jimmy interview *Bluray only

– Props Issue 42 Metal Bikes road trip section *Bluray only

– Props Issue 70 Metal Bikes road trip section *Bluray only

Bluray Features

– 1080p interactive motion menu featuring high res photo loop w/music

– Full HD feature and bonus sections

– SD bonus videos sourced from 1st gen digital masters

– Chapter pop-up menus for main feature and full-length bonus videos

– Hidden easter egg full-length video

– Over 7 hours of high quality slow 2-pass H.264-encoded content (DVD 2 hours of SD MPEG2)

NOTE: The Xbox One may not play the Bluray disc due to an anti-piracy “feature” Microsoft has chosen to install on the device. Sony PS3, PS4 and most other stand alone Bluray players are supported.

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