Mark Burnett, Matt Ray, Jabe Jones & Bjarki Hardarson

8 Jul 2019


Let’s show some love to local bike shops, and get in some riding while we’re at it. The plan was simple but the outcome was distinct. QBP, one of Shadow’s distributors in the US, wanted to bring the Shadow team out to Oregon to support a few shop events and hang out with the local riders. Mark Burnett, Matt Ray, Jabe Jones, and Bjarki Hardarson were all pretty fresh to the Pacific Northwest, which made for a really fun vibe of discovery during the whole visit. Sprinkle in some of the best concrete parks in the country and we were bound to have a good time.

Thanks to The Lumberyard, Santiam Bicycles, Hutch’s Springfield for hosting events. Thanks to KC Badger, Kayla Lockhart, Shad Johnson, and Ryan Barrett for being tour guides. Thanks to all of the locals that met up and made the trip so fun. - Ben Austin

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