Simple Session 17 Course

Another epic creation

5 Jan 2017

Video Simple Session

Not long now till Simple Session 17 and the course looks pretty wild, mixing street and ramp and of course that big old jump box in it's prime position should see some monstrous triple flair whip combination or things to that effect.

Simple Session 17 is a month away and we have unveiled one of it's main stars (besides all the Star Athletes) – the brand new course! 

For the 11th year, the Simple Session course has been designed by ramp designer/builder extraordinaire Mr. Nate Wessel. Have a look around the brilliant course that will make a unique riding experience for the street and ramp skaters and bike riders alike. As has become expected from Simple Sessions the course combines street and park elements to a single huge exclusive course.The course is built by the specialists of MindWorkRamps.