Soulcycle - Team Weekend

Nothing like a bit of team building

4 Jun 2019

Video by Soulcycle

At first look this seemed like it would have a chilled out vibe mostly mad for insta... I was definitely wrong there! The Amsterdam based Soulcycle BMX shop thought it'd be good to get some members of their team together for a weekend. Although this is short there's no filler as each clip was heavy. All covered by that crispy VX, solid viewing!

"Strengthen the team feeling, having a nice time together and filming a sick BMX video that was what the Soulcycle team weekend was all about. We are also stoked to announce that Belgium rider STIJN HENS will be part of the Soulcycle team now!" - Soulcycle


18 Oct 2017

Joeri Veul 2019

27 Mar 2019