Steven Hamilton is Freestyle

A shining beacon

30 Sep 2015

Video by Empire BMX

Hamilton is always on a filming mission and he's back at it gracing us with a fresh 3+ minutes of footage. Here's some words from Empire:

“America 1992. BMX is dead. BMX bicycle sales have reached an all-time low. Large factory teams are a thing of the past. Only a very small number of professional riders remain. Of these riders, only a few receive money from sponsors. A sport that once had five monthly magazines now has one. Contest arenas that were once crowded with spectators are now made up of only the most dedicated riders. Professional freestyle exhibits are nearly non-existent. Many bike shops no longer carry 20” bikes and accessories, because in their eyes, “BMX is dead” – Eddie Roman “Ride On” (1992)

Sound familiar? Dry your eyes, player. The cycles of BMX are as predictable as they are inevitable. The barren sands of 1992 yielded a harvest of unparalleled creativity and progression, and the reins of BMX were snatched from the stiff hands of bloated corporate corpses from sea to shining sea. Capable and driven individuals and crews like The Condor, Mad Dog, Homeless Bikes, Rick Moliterno, and an elite group of other visionaries fed off of their strong wills, DYI ethos, and love of BMX, deftly laying the path for a generation to come.

To us, Steven is a shining beacon of hope in these turbulent waters, if you will, the hero that BMX needs in this time of confusion and tense unrest. He is a consummate trick technician, with unparalleled spot awareness and a unique style that none can imitate. It is our honor to present this video to you. Enjoy it, and sleep well tonight knowing that while the gravitational pull of change cannot and should not be stopped, Steven will always be standing tall as a bulwark against apathy, despair, and gross style. lol."