Subrosa Street Rail Jam - Japan 2022

At The 10th Perugia Cup

26 Oct 2022


Filmed and edited by Peter Keller

The SUBROSA STREET RAIL JAM, which has become a regular event in Japan, took place during the 10th Perugia Cup – unfortunately it was the last one.

PERUGIA CUP is a BMX street and park contest that originated in 2011. It’s a festival initiated by riders for riders. The concept is "Riders from all over Japan gather to have fun riding together" and the aim is to create the best contest in Japan to determine the current best BMX riders in Japan. At the same time, we also want riders of all ages to enjoy BMX in the same place as advanced and professional riders and to see the current BMX scene in Japan. That is what the PERUGIA CUP is all about."

Some words from Masakazu Yanaka from 150S-TOWN, Tokyo about the ideas behind the jam:

“I didn't want the RAIL JAM to be boring after the world had seen Swamp Fest, so I made sure that each type of rail had a unique arrangement and moved around during the session, giving the impression during the JAM that the rails were alive. I also had a personal hidden agenda to express the ever-changing street spots and environments, something that requires creativity, mental strength and can't be conquered just with tricks. Furthermore, I think that a RAIL JAM where the rails are placed normally, and only the skilled riders can win is not interesting. I wanted to breathe life of real street sense into the SUBROSA "STREET RAIL". This JAM is almost like an "ART" collaboration between Peter, who filmed and edited the previous INKYO JAM in Tokyo, JYKK Japan, SUBROSA BRAND and all the staff and riders who participated."

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