What an inspiration

8 Feb 2020

Video by Walter Pieringer

I mean where to start with this... as a full on BMX nerd I'd never heard of Ben Allen, but now it's not only a name I'll remember but who I'll tell all my crew to check out. There's flow riders, then there's a prodigy and Ben Allen is without a doubt a prodigy. The whole video felt as if I was watching an enders section. I got fully into this once the nose bonk bar over an access rail happened then from the crook to tires and 180 bar out the whole edit just became a different story. Big up to Sunday for picking out a rider that has without doubt only just begun to show what he's capable of.

"From Texas heat to security guards in Baltimore, this project hasn’t been easy. But I’m stoked it came together the way it did. From tech moves to big scary set ups I think you can tell I went ALL OUT for this one . I’d like to thank Walter Pieringer for filming and being available despite my full time work schedule." - Ben Allen

Ben Allen is supported by Official DIG Partner: Sunday Bikes

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