Featuring a cold-forger core

19 Apr 2022

Video by Wethepeople BMX

Needing a durable plastic peg? The Temper pegs from Wethepeople could be for you. See more info below:

"We worked with the Wethepeople team to develop a peg with a unique cold-forged Chromoly core that would outlast any other plastic peg on the market. By using a heat-treated Chromoly core with the temper peg, we were able to create a peg that would not deform, dent or get damaged over time like an alloy peg, allowing you to keep running the temper pegs again and again and again. The cold-forged core also allowed us to increase the thickness of the sleeve without needing to enlarge the diameter of the peg, making the temper pegs very slim. Backed up with our "anti-spin" sleeve locking system and our own proprietary nylon/fibreglass sleeve material which outlasts the competition, the temper pegs are some of the longest-lasting pegs and best feeling in the game." - Wethepeople

Material: nylon/crmo sleeved peg, cold-forged core

Length: 4.55" (114.3mm)

Outer diameter: 1.5" (38.5mm)

Special features:

• super durable street peg designed with the wtp pro team

• with 14mm holes and 3/8" adapters

• thicker, special nylon/fibreglass compound for long sleeve life

• anti-spin locking system to prevent your sleeves from spinning after heavy use

• cold-forged crmo core allows use of thicker sleeve without increasing diameter

• increased durability of the core compared to an alloy peg

• sold as pair

Weight: 213g/7.5oz per peg colors: black / red