The Texas Two Wheelers - Chase Hawk, Aaron Ross, Sean Sexton, Nina Buitrago

Morning routines and skatepark session in Austin

29 Aug 2016

Directed/Editor: Ryan Marcus / Visuals: Veesh & Ryan Marcus / Narrator: Robert Gabriel Zepeda

Fox highlights their Austin, Texas based riders Chase Hawk, Aaron Ross, Sean Sexton and Nina Buitrago, documenting their morning routines, glimpse of their homes, pets, and then tagging along for a couple local skatepark sessions with the crew.  This is great!

"Join us as we take you on a little journey through Texas with Fox BMX riders Chase Hawk, Aaron Ross, Sean Sexton and Nina Buitrago. From breakfast rituals to dog walks, coffee spots, and riding their local skatepark, we give you a taste of a normal day in the life of the ATX crew." - Fox


10 Dec 2014