Timeless - The Rum Life

Living rough for a week of travel in Morocco

5 Feb 2016

Filmed by Phil Aller and Aron Leah | Edited by Phil Aller

The boys from The Rum Life headed over to Morocco recently and what we can see from the video is that they had heaps of fun. Here's what Phil Aller had to say:

"A while back Steve Bancroft and myself took a trip to Morocco to meet
our friends who were spending the winter living in vans on the beech in

We spent a week camping on waste land, eating from tagines, watching our
friends surf, building a dirt quarter and riding the harsh terrain of
Taghazout to Agadir.

This was a rad trip and i'm stoked it happened.

Thanks to our friends for lending us tents and making us feel welcome."

Photos by Steve Bancroft