UNITED BMX - Clement Santos-Silva - BIENVENUE

A French Firecracker

10 Sep 2021

Directed by Kevn Manez I|OFFICIAL DIG PARTNERS: unitedbikeco.com | www.bmxavenue.com

Sit back and enjoy this latest project from United x BMX Avenue's French firecracker Clément Santos-Silva. This bangs!


"We started filming this project not long after Santos received his new bike, and at that time we were still roommates so the motivation to go out and film was always there. After a few weeks of filming in Montpellier he break his foot on a handrail (I had pictures from that moment on a disposable Kodak but the photo laboratory lost my film...) During his injury time Santos decided to leave our shared flat in Montpellier and returned home to the countryside not far from Lyon. After a few months off from filming I didn't know if we were going to continue the project so I asked if he wanted me to send him the clips we were sat on to use for something else and he came back with: "Bro you're crazy or what? We started together we finish together!" ahah. From there the motivation to go out and film was back on! We decided to head out to Strasbourg to see friends (thanks to Jo and Arnaud by the way) and from there the filming process resumed with a different energy; a better more natural vibe with more fun during the session and less pressure, we recorded a few clips here, and then we headed off to Lyon to continue filming. Filming with Santos is very nice, he goes fast and big, there's tech, it's never the same thing and it's always done in a few tries. You never spend a day on the spot trying to record one tech line for hours. When he wants to go and film something he knows he's going to put it on. I want to thank Santos for choosing me to make this video, it has been an honour and it has strengthened our friendship. I cannot wait for the next project!" - Kevin Manez


"We started this project at the beginning of the year in Montpellier, but I broke my foot after 1 month of filming. This put a stop to the project for 4 months. It was a tough time with a lot of questions and frustration. 5 weeks into the break I decide to leave where I was living with Kevin and move back to my parent’s place to rest and get my foot back to full strength. After a lot of work I was able to ride again so I spoke to Kevin, and we decide to move to a different city in France and get right back on this project. We hit Strasbourg, Lyon, Montpellier, Toulouse and Bourgoin-Jallieu which is where the firecracker to firecracker was filmed. I had spent nearly a year looking for this spot and finally I found it just near my parents’ place. Without the injury it was a 3-month process for putting out this video. Kevin was there the whole time with his natural positive energy behind the camera pushing me with my riding and supporting and helping me when I was injured. He definitely keep me up during the all process! I can’t be thankful enough for that, he did an amazing job and I am so proud of his filming/editing and the way of this video turned out, much love brother!" - Clement Santos-Silva