VANS - The Palmistry Guide: Chapter 1 - Morocco

An Epic African Adventure

19 Sep 2016

Filmed by Arnaud Wolff and Alexandre Valentino / Edited by Alexandre Valentino

As seen in DIG 99.5, with the help of Vans, Anthony Perrin, Nico Badet, Tom Deville and Alex Valentino decided to spread their wings further afield and dipped out to Morocco to see what they could get up to. Take some time for this one and witness some epic BMX adventuring. Get out there! Needless to say, with Arnaud Wolff and Alex Valentino handling the filming, things look tight as a tiger.

"The Palmistry Guide is accepting to be lost. Lost in an unknown land, lost in a culture, lost in every way possible and putting your trust in a local as a guide. The Palmistry Guide is already written on your hands; you just have to follow it."