Vans - Unfiltered - Bruno Hoffmann & Alex Donnachie In Morocco

Two of the most technical riders alive doing their thing in Africa

21 Dec 2017

Filmed and edited by Rich Forne

Bruno Hoffmann and Alex Donnachie in Morocco with Rich Forne behind the lens.... Yes! Yes! And yes! Fantastic riding  from two of the most technical riders alive captured oh so well by one of our favorite filmmakers. Be sure to catch the first episode of Unfiltered filmed in Copenhagen, along with dozens of DIG exclusive videos and articles in the 'related content' section below...

"After its inception in the concrete jungle of Copenhagen, the Vans BMX UNFILTERED series reaches Africa. This time, it is Vans Global athlete Bruno Hoffmann and Alex Donnachie taking on Morocco. UNFILTERED is a video series that highlights the raw side of a BMX trip. The struggle, achievements, noise, peace, challenges, injuries, languages, architectures, cultures, weather, food, people, traffic, travel and jet lag." - Vans