Wethepeople Autumn Session 2015

All the highlights

11 Oct 2015

Filmed and edited by Markus Wilke

The Wethepeople Autumn Session went off in the Zupport Skatehall in Trier, Germany last weekend and the German street contingent was on hand to fuck the place up (the ceilings are mad low so the ramp guys had to hold off a bit) with Markus Wilke capturing the highlights for your eye balls. On a side note, can anyone get that dude at the start a belt? Here are the results:

1. Moritz Nußbaumer

2. Felix Prangenberg

3. Daniel Tünte

4. Daniel Portorreal

5. Sebastian Anton

6. Fernando Laczko

7. Leon Hoppe

8. Marcel Gans

9. Carlo Hoffmann

10. Miguel Smajilji

11. Dominik Betten

12. Moritz Wolf

13. Dima Prykhodko

14. Robin Kachfi

15. Eddie Baum

16. Axel Reichertz