Alex Kennedy: The Next Chapter

AK and Éclat team up

21 Jan 2015


Words and photos by Fred Murray

It must be difficult deciding which way to go when you're one of the most talented and enigmatic bike riders on the planet. For AK though it all seems to come so naturally... and refreshingly money or vanity never appear to be factored into the equation. Adventure more so is the defining component to Alex's motivation and decisiveness in choosing which doors to open and which to close. 2015 brings big changes for AK and the rest of the Éclat team with the addition of himself and Bruno Hoffmann. We caught up with Alex at home in a rainy Croydon, UK to take a look at his latest setup and find out a little more...


Did you have a fun New Year?

Yeah, New Years was great. I brought in the New Year with good friends reading oracles.

So, you've made the move to Éclat. Any plans this year with that? 

Yeah I'm happy to be a part of éclat... Plans are to be riding as much as possible and a trip with Bruno to Croatia in March is on the cards.

What's your favourite new part on your bike?

It's hard to choose but I love the vent guard sprocket and blind hub.

You're off to the States this week. What are you up to out there?

Yeah I'm visiting Dakota and the clubhouse, going to try and capture some footage.

What was the last book you enjoyed? 

The last book I read was the green foods bible by David Sandoval. It was all about chlorophyll.

You've been cooking up a storm in the kitchen recently. What's your number one recipe right now?

Hmm, I don't really go by recipes but I've generally been loving my purium products.

What's the best club night you've been to this month?

Concrete in Paris... Margaret Dygas all night was awesome!

Can we expect any video parts from you this year?

Yes I'm trying to release more content this year!

AK's setup


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