Brake Time - Corey Martinez

"Mirra always came through with the heaters for sure."

17 Oct 2019

Corey Martinez Bike 18

Photos by Josh Clarke & Fooman | 4Down

Just before the 2019 Battle Of Hastings, Corey Martinez turned back time and got reacquainted with an old friend - the brake - producing a one off SOURCE PARK edit with enigmatic filmmaker Rich Forne. We caught up with him to find out what inspired the idea and to get a you a detailed run-down of that custom UNITED bike, with CINEMA parts, that's up for grabs HERE.

Corey Fuf Mini Bowl 030919
Corey Xup Fuf Mini Bowl 030919

So Corey what brought about the idea of making a full edit with a brake. Did it have anything to do with everyone getting hyped on the banger from your X-Games Real BMX ender a couple years back?

The brake idea was really just trying to switch things up a bit honestly. But yes I’d say the XGames ender clipwas defo what sparked it. I’ve been wanting to mess about with some brake ideas for a while now and the Source Park/Battle of Hastings contest made perfect sense to “brake them in” haha. The edit was to make something fun - and also different - that people might enjoy, so I reached out to the fellas there to make it happen.

Which riders who were still running brakes back in the day really inspired you?

Oh man.. so many. I guess it depends what era haha. Growing up it was definitely Joe and Taj, and Mirra... then Van and Wiz played big parts. Dehart and Tocco always made brakes look so smooth too. After that it was a wrap for brake life...

Are there any particular epic brake tricks by anyone that you always remember?

Mirra always came through with the heaters for sure. The ladder tail tap on the very ramp was insane and the wall tap over the basketball hoop out of a sketchy kicker ramp made no sense either haha. LEGEND!

Corey Ice Vertwall 030919

United had to get this fame made for you for this project. Can you tel us more about that?

Yeah basically the United Incarnate frame I’m currently riding doesn’t come with brake lugs so they were so kind to find a local fabricator to get the job done. Pretty much like it was from factory. He killed it!

The whole video is filmed at The Source Park, was there a specific reason for this or did it just naturally work out that way?

It was the easiest for everyone involved and made more sense for me to re learn tricks as well as get comfortable with it all again on my own time.

What's it like working on a video with Rich Forne, have you guys ever produced something with each other before?

Working with Rich is great. We haven’t done a one on one project together before just a couple random road trip edits so when I heard he was free and around I had to make it happen. I feel we worked together really well after this edit. Would love to actually take more time than two sessions together to make a legit edit one day.

Can we expect to see you rocking a brake out in the streets or is this just a one off?

I feel the streets don’t have a lot to offer for the brake tricks I have in mind, but you never know I could have a completely different eye on how to use them now days. Park riding is where I definitely enjoy them most as of now.

Any chance of ever seeing one on the front?

Not a chance, haha.

"I feel the streets don’t have a lot to offer for brake tricks I have in mind but you never know I could have a completely different eye on how to use them now days."

Corey Martinez Bike


Corey Martinez Bike 8
Corey Martinez Bike 15

Frame: United Incarnate with custom brake lugs welded on

Forks: United Dinero

Bars: United Machinez

Grips: Duo Martinez

Stem: Cinema Tnez

Headset: Cinema/ Untied

Seat: United

Post: United

Cranks: Fiend 165mm

Pedals: cinema CK

Sprocket: Cinema Reel

Rims: Cinema

Front Hub: Cinema

Rear Hub: Cinema

Pegs: Cinema

Tires: Duo

Chain: United

Brakes: Kink

More info: | |

Corey Martinez Bike 16
Corey Martinez Bike 17

Win Corey Corey's custom UNITED build HERE.

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