Bruno Hoffmann - 10 Questions

Talking banks, politicians and thieves...

23 Apr 2015


When we arrived at this spot we got some hassle from an eager security guard but he soon disappeared and the spot was open for whoever took an interest. Bruno said it himself, he hadn't done a big 540 in a long time, maybe even since the huge one for his DIG interview back in 2012. Needless to say, it didn't put up much of a fight...

Photos by Fred Murray

The incapability to talk about anything other than BMX and weed is a standard trait for a lot riders these days, but for Germany's Bruno Hoffmann not everything is so simple... We caught up with each other while visiting the Mediterranean Island of Cyprus with his most recent sponsor, Eclat and chatted shop.

You've always had a strong interest in politics in general. Where did that interest come from?

I'm not sure I think just school and watching the news. I'm not into it too seriously, but I think it's sort of important to know what's happening around us. And since it's all based on politics in some ways, it can't be too bad to know a little bit.

Who would you want with you if you were stranded on a deserted island?

Not sure, probably someone like AK to survive by eating fruits that I don't know even existed.

While we were away in Cyprus recently there was a ton of rioting back in your city, Frankfurt...

On the 18th of March was the grand opening of the New ECB, which stands for European Central Bank. A lot of people criticize the bank for being more powerful than any country in Europe and that it's able to dictate how countries like Spain, Italy and Greece have to save money by cutting people's jobs (for example). I think it's totally understandable that people from these places are not sitting on a bus for 24 hours only to protest a little bit, to be fair I couldn't care less if a police car or two is burning. The main aim was to interrupt the whole opening ceremony in any way possible, and I think it worked. It showed that thousands and thousands of people, of whom are maybe 50-100 up for rioting, do not agree with the policy of the ECB, and I think it's right. But it is how it is, money makes the world go round.

Did you notice any tension in Cyprus during your time on the island?

Not really, I think Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus was divided into a Turkish side (north Cyprus) and a Greek side in the south. But it's all open now and I couldn't really see any tensions even though I'm sure there are loads still. In general I'd say almost everyone we met was really nice and chill.


Hot hot heat.


If there's one acceptable time to take a selfie, it's probably with a donkey. Nice photo before Bruno smith hard 180'd the wee guy.


This high school was so nearly amazing but a combination of factors meant it veered into the 'shitty' category quickly. Bruno and Rich Forne at work...

What happened with AK's bike?

While packing all the bikes away at some spot, some kid comes towards and asked me if this is AK, pointing on him. I say yes, so he goes up to him asking if he could ride his bike. By the time we realized that he wasn't riding the spot right in front of us it was too late.

If you could go back in time to anywhere at anytime, where and when would it be?

I really liked Korea last year, like any trip it was too short. We pedalled around Seoul for seven days and didn't even scratch the surface. Also I would love to go the border area of north and South Korea for a day. They had tourist trips to go there but it would have been a full day, so we didn't do it.

I know you've been travelling a lot, but you have been busy while back home with your and Merlin Czarnulla's new project, Ciao.

Yeah we've been filming for a while now and I'm happy how it's slowly but surely coming together. It's really nice to film for the same thing with everyone and we just felt it was about time that something comes out of Germany. We'll see how it goes but I'm looking forward to everything. Thanks to everyone who is already reppin' a sticker, beanie or lighter. You'll see more here on DIG soon anyways.


Bruno's backwards manny to 180 game is on point so this overtooth version didn't trouble him. Just before this we watched a stray dog carry a huge bird down the street.

How is it being teammates with AK?

It's pretty sick, not just chilling at comps and that. I haven't tried the juices yet but I've had one or two meals he cooked and they were the bomb!

What is the one thing that should be taught in school that isn't already?

I think there's several things that aren't taught in school but claiming taxes and renting a place is definitely up there.

If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of anyone else. Who would it be and what would you do?

It would be in any Western European politican's body and I would have to cross the ocean in no more than a nutshell from North Africa to Europe, failing miserably like hundreds of people a day.


Cue lots of swearing in German...


Up and over.

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