First Look: FIT Benny V.2

Round two of Ben Lewis' Signature frame

7 Oct 2015

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Riding photos by Fred Murray Setup photos by Matty Lambert

There's not a lot of people from the UK who can say they have a signature frame with a US-based company, let alone a line of signature parts to go with it. Well, Ben Lewis is one of those few people and now he's got a second version of his Benny frame coming out with some notable changes, including an incredibly short backend and a switch in manufacturing from the USA to Taiwan. We caught up with Ben when he was back home in Liverpool to find out what the deal is with the FIT Benny V2.

Your updated frame has some pretty interesting changes. Can you tell us about the backend length and your reasoning behind it?

Some of my friends run frames with shorter back ends and I'd heard about people cutting in the back end on my ones so I thought I'd give it a crack. First day out on it was fantastic! Feels like I can literally ride up and down vertical walls like they are transitions and makes rotations whips etc a lot easier!

There are also no brake lugs, was that a decision based purely on aesthetics?

For me purely yes. I've seen a few people running my frame with brakes but 95% of the people that own it are brake less street riders so it made sense to do away with them.

Have the graphics changed much this time around?

The graphics have become a little darker yes. The stickers haven't changed too much but the placement and replacement of the headtube sticker with an engraving has dramatically improved the look!


Ben can air anything that is shaped like a 50p coin, this included.

The manufacturing process has been transferred to Taiwan now. How does that change things for the people out there who want a Benny V2 frame?

It will just make it a lot cheaper and more easily accessble really as Taiwan can ship direct to most countries' distros. The quality of Taiwanese products nowadays is incredible and the cost of an American made frame can push it out of a lot of people's price range. I want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy riding it.

How about a Ben Lewis yoga DVD as an added extra with the frame? Will that ever happen?

Ha, no but I recommend everyone try it out at least once! Maybe a bonus section in the next Fit DVD?

Where do you see street-orientated frame dimensions going from here? Do you think angles/sizes can get any tighter?

I think there is always room for change, there seems to be two major styles at the moment; the really big and the really small. I've just always fancied trying to tame the untameable and grew up riding flatland frames so that's really what I've stuck to and tried to help evolve. I'm excited to see what's next!

Benny V2 Frame Specs & Geometry

Specs: Tapered/swaged seat and chain stays, Butted top tube, Straight gauge down tube, 2.4” tire clearance, Engraved and integrated head tube, No brake mounts, Integrated seat clamp, Mid BB.

Geometry: Sizes: 20.5", 20.75", 21", 21.25" / Rear end length: 12.8"-13.1" / Head tube angle: 75.5° / Seat tube angle: 69° / BB Height: 11.7" / Standover: 8.25" / Dropouts: 14mm 4Q Baked / Seatpost size: 25.4mm / Weight: (S) 20” - 5.08 lb (2.3 kg) , (M) 20.5” - 5.1 lb (2.31 kg) , (L) 20.75” - 5.13 lb (2.33 kg) , (XL) 21” - 5.15 lb (2.34 kg)


Over-tooth to start a line in Frankfurt for the lens of Will Stroud.

Bennny L's Setup

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FRAME: Fit Benny V.2

FORK: Fit FK-1.0

BARS: Fit Benny 4PC

STEM: Fit Benny

GRIPS: Fit Benny

CRANKS: Fit 2PC Indent 24MM

SPROCKET: Fit Key Guard Drive 24MM


CHAIN: Shadow

SEAT: Fit Solo Tripod

SEAT POST: Animal stubby

REAR HUB: Animal Proto Freecoaster

FRONT HUB: Animal Proto

RIMS: Animal Proto

PEGS: Animal Butcher with plastic 4 inch

FRONT TYRE: Fit Nightvision FAF

REAR TYRE: S&M speedball

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