What Defines Pete Sawyer?

The best BMXer Dominos delivery man

5 Oct 2015

PeteSawyer Riga DIG BMX AW-5

Words and Photos by Andrew White

I’m a big fan of Pete Sawyer's riding. He’s very intentionally crafted his style toward an amalgamation of respectable influences with his own personal touch iced top. Not one to check the boxes of tricks while filming a part, he’s got the eye for spots and the skills to do impressive moves. These two traits don’t come easily, and it’s great to watch. Sometimes web edits leaves one thinking, ‘Ok that makes sense he did that,’ whereas Pete’s parts force a ‘Yes!’ Always smooth and rarely in more that one or two goes, he’s a solid all around rider.

I’ve had the opportunity to shoot with Pete a few times over the years. Sometimes his adolescent antics get a bit tiring, but I truly do like photographing his riding and doing trips with him. We found ourselves in Riga a couple months back for only a few days, but Pete managed to do some moves for the lenses which I’m really psyched about. For no other reason than to simply show you these photos, and concisely get his personality across, DIG threw a few topics his way.

PeteSawyer Riga DIG BMX AW-1

Bars into the ledge.

PeteSawyer Riga DIG BMX AW-6

Not the best surface to land on but Pete managed just fine.

PeteSawyer Riga DIG BMX AW-3

Is this landing into grass though?

Food - Fried chicken and pizza.

Spots - Got a few alright ones on my back, nothing special though, generally not that spotty. Places to ride, usually just a nice bowl or weird tranny spot.

Riders - Cal, Fooman, Jordan Godwin (side saddle phase), Leigh Ramsdell, Bruce Crisman.

Cities - Bridgend, Newport, Swansea, Barry. (Wales, UK)

Curious traits - Cleaning my Car, thinking about cleaning my Car, dreaming about cleaning my Car, thinking about ways to improve life when owning an Car.

Drinks - Monster Energy, Rockstar, WKD, Apple sourz, Barcardi Breezers.

TV shows - Gilmore Girls, 90210, any Real Housewives, Blind Date (rip Cilla), Geordie Shore.

Most interesting experiences delivering pizza - not many good ones, usually just stoners not knowing what on earth they're doing.

PeteSawyer Riga DIG BMX AW-4

Hop nose to flat at The Spot.

PeteSawyer Riga DIG BMX AW-2

Too good a setup to pass, though the family inside was not pleased with the commotion.

PeteSawyer Riga DIG BMX AW-8

Deep in thought about cleaning cars.

PeteSawyer Riga DIG BMX AW-7