Garrett Reynolds Signature Session - In Photos

A Handful Of Bangers For Cinema

3 Dec 2018

G Reynolds Cinema Rim K Conners Img 1890

Photos by Kevin Connors

Like any video promo or part, as a photographer I often get jealous. Maybe it’s the fact that the video nowadays tends to get more hype, but really it is always the fact that I wasn’t there to shoot absolutely all of it. But you can’t win them all, at least not all of the time. This video being a promo by nature wasn’t worked on by just one videographer and wasn’t some sort of year or generation long project. This one is rather whatever Garrett collected with Will Stroud on a few Cinema trips along with the help of all the stuff Tony Ennis filmed around San Diego. Although I don’t think I would be the only one to say this isn’t your typical minute long of whatever the rider and filmer could slap together, just to please the sponsors and social media. That's what you always have to love and respect about all three parties involved - none of them are willing to just film a half ass clip for the sake of the masses or push something out too soon, that just isn’t quite all there yet. So for that I thank them. Here's a few photos I did manage to catch while they where working on the filming of this “rim promo”.  

G Reynolds Cinema Rim K Conners Img 2478

One of San Diego's forgotten or passed on spots that has been tucked away between million dollar houses and bio tech companies for years. Garrett giving it proper usage with a 360 over the rail, after this I missed the second trick and celebrated the first with a proper smoothie and pretzel.

G Reynolds Cinema Rim K Conners Img 1703

Good A-frame rails aren’t easy to come by, and this thing is far from good. Coming from the right you have an uphill run up and a tight curve following it. After our second trip to the spot, with a peg, some rocks and duck tape in hand to keep her nice and tight, Garrett was able to find the speed to get this switch hanger done cleanly.

G Reynolds Cinema Rim K Conners Img 2350

Freezing cold but loving the sky, Garrett dropping the wheel before pulling this crank arm grind back over to tow Will Stroud through a quick Montreal line.

G Reynolds Cinema Rim K Conners Img 1791

Jeff Z already murdered this spot with his hassy fish so what was I to do but make an attempt at it. Garrett starting a line with a bar ice to manual.

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