Grant Germain - 'Til Next Summer

Leaving a mark on a famous Cali gem

6 Aug 2015

Grant germain BMX Jet CE

This was the hottest day in the world but for some reason we decided to ride a DIY up a mountain. No idea why Grant was even riding, but this was cool.

Words by Francis Castro Photos by Chris Eiland

Grant Germain has been making his way from New York to my trusty California futon for the past 3 years now. It's usually a productive time and this Summer was no exception. I think it works so well because Grant feels like part of our local crew at this point, he just clicks with us and gets it. We didn’t drive much for this piece due to being some momentary broke boys but we still made it work.

Wether it was finding new spots around neighboring cities, or Grant leaving his own mark on a famous Cali gem, we had nothing but good times along the way. Cheers on another fun time man, me and the rest of the Common Crew already miss ya! 'Till next summer...

Grant germain BMX backwards crook CE

The hunt for a nice 180 crook was on going throughout Grant's stay with me and we finally found a rail good for it just a few days before he left.

Grant germain BMX mug CE

Always good vibes...

Grant Germain BMX Crook Bar CE

We were all really hyped on Grant leaving his mark on 'The Birdhouse rail'. This place is usually a bust during the day but I managed to sweet talk the lady who was running the business behind it into letting us film. Crook bar.

Grant germain BMX roof hop CE

We had originally decided to check this school out because of the rails but Grant decided to take the high road and handled this roof gap. 

Grant germain BMX roof sweep CE

Clearing the turf before handling the clip. 

Grant germain BMX truck peep CE

Eying out the truck.

Grant germain BMX street truck CE

Grant three’d this thing for a good bit before throwing the bars. It worked out first try.

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