Help Save Pocos Bowls

A legendary Portugese spot needs your help

19 Jun 2019

Baixa 2

Words by Paulo Martins | Photos by Nuno Jorge 

In the city of Baixa-da-Banheira, a few kilometres from Lisbon exists the 30 year old Baixa-da-Banheira park - a fun spot known as the “Poços da Baixa” or “Baixa-da-Banheira bowls. It's the oldest and possibly most visited spot in Portugal with many famous name having ridden there over the years.

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But,  for some strange reason it is now being filled in with building debris. From what we at this point, it seems that the local City Council has other plans for the space and filled it in because of safety concerns.

The city council don't know the historical value of the spot for the BMX and skate community, neither nationally, nor internationally. And this is where we ned your help -  We need to educate them as to why is this old park important and just why it’s worth keeping

A local guy started a petition and we're trying to get as many people as possible to sign HERE.


"June 17, 2019; this Petition relates to the historical importance of “Baixa-da-Banheira Bowls” to the BMX, Skate and Inline scenes, in Portugal and internationally.

For those who do not know this is the oldest skatepark in Portugal for the practice of extreme sports, visited annually by the some of the biggest Pros of these same sports and part of the growth of the local and Portuguese scene for almost 30 years.

They have always served their social purpose allowing the health and growth of the youth.

These unique facilities must be preserved and recovered, not grounded and simply created others, like so many boring ones in the country!

Manifest yourself, share your photos, but do not stop signing and sharing the Petition so we can show the importance of “Baixa-da-Banheira Bowls” has for the population and BMX/Skate/In-line scenes." - Pedro Pinto

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The many visitors over the year have included, Ruben Alcantara, Sergio Layos, Chase Hawk, Tom Dugan, Corey Walsh, Jason Watts, Stefan Lantschner, Mike Miller, Eduard Zunda, Francisco Jimenez (Perico),  Bambi and lots lots more. Hopefully you can come visit some day too. Please help if you can!

Baixa 3

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