What does it take to create a line of products with an iconic BMX footwear brand?


11 Oct 2021

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Images courtesy of Doomed & etnies

After the success of their last collaboration, etnies and Doomed decided to join forces once again on a new line of shoes, clothing, and of course, a banging video. We caught up with Doomed X etnies' very own Jordan Godwin to explain more about the new collection and the process it takes for everything to come together.

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We're all Doomed I tell ya. Jordan Godwin. Photo by Nick Wotton

Can you explain what’s in this new collab?

The 2 pairs of shoes, 3 Tees, hoodie, a gilet, and socks I think that’s everything!

How does the whole project come together? What are the different steps from start to finish?

First thing is the shoes, I think getting the ball rolling on them first is usually the plan, choosing silhouettes and colours, insole graphic etc, then I feel like we kinda base everything else around them.

"To say it’s a privilege to do a collab with etnies would be a massive understatement " - Jordan Godwin

Etnies Doomed 21 Product 13
Etnies Doomed 21 Product 20

Felix Prangenberg. etnies x Doomed 2021

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How is it getting the call from etnies about doing a collab? They’re such an iconic company - do you feel any stress to get it right?

To say it’s a privilege to do a collab with etnies would be a massive understatement but I don’t think there’s been much more stress than there would be if we were just doing a normal drop. The guys there are always open minded and easy going so I feel like we can just throw ideas about easily which makes things work.

What’s the direction behind this latest collab? How do you go about designing all the pieces?

The man behind most of the art work is Paul Robinson, he’s a bit of a collage genius but usually he will whip up a bunch of bits and pieces and then we will choose what we all like and don’t like. Then it all comes together nicely…. well sometimes hahaha!

Etnies Doomed 21 Product 11
Etnies Doomed 21 Product 10
Etnies Doomed 21 Product 15
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How much freedom did you get on this? Do etnies and Doomed have to meet in the middle of design ideas?

Etnies give us so much freedom, I feel like we can do what ever we want to be honest but I think that’s exactly what a brand like Doomed should have - artistic license to do whatever.

What’s your favourite pair of shoes and clothing from this one?

My favourite shoes are the Jameson’s (below). I’m just big fan of that shoe, you can wear it for riding or out for dinner haha and with the clothing it has to be the gilet.

Etnies Doomed 21 Product 4

See more on the full etnies X Doomed 2021 collection HERE.

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