Product Drop: The New Mankind Sunchaser Frame

Built for getting fast and loose!

6 Apr 2020

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Mankind is an Official DIG Partner.

Mankind have got a whole swathe of new products ready to hit the shop floors and first up we're focusing on one new item, the Daniel Juchatz signature frame titled the "Sunchaser".

Mankind Sunchaser Frame Semi Matte Trams Blue 1

Coming in with some really nice colour options and graphics to go this is some great first indicators from the Sunchaser frame. You've got to love that trans blue, always love being able to see those welds.

Mankind Sunchaser Frame Matte Army Green Detail 1
Mankind Sunchaser Frame Matte Army Green Detail 8

This is designed to suit the high demands of Daniel's trail and bowl style of riding. One thing you'll notice right away is the chain stay brake mounts instead of the seat stay for better brake traction. The frame features a more traditional geometry compared to the rest of Mankind's new line. This is built for getting fast and loose that's for sure!

Mankind Sunchaser Frame Ed Black Detail 6
Mankind Sunchaser Frame Ed Black Detail 3

Material: Full 4130 chromoly Sanko Japanese tubing

Top tube lengths: 20.5”, 20.75”, 21.0”, 21.25”

Seat Tube: Single butt Heat-treated. Angle 71°

Stand over height: 9.0”

Head Tube: Heat-treated - Int. Headset, rem. Gyro tabs. Length 120mm

HT Angle: 74.5°

BB: CNC Heat-treated Mid Size BB. Wider 74mm BB shell.

BB Height: 11.5”. Inside BB spacer needs to be 51mm

Dropouts: Heat-treated Laser cut, 6mm, 4130 cr-mo, 14mm slotsAngled, welded on cut out caps on SS & CS.

CS-Length: 13.75” middle of dropout / 13.5” slammed

CS-Width: 72mm, makes 2,4” tires fi t.

Brake options: On Chainstay. No Brake Hardware included, sold separately

Weight: 2.10 Kilograms / 4.63lbs for 21.0”

Special features: MK Down Tube Gusset, Int. Seatclamp, Int. Chain Tensioners

Colours: Matte Army Green, Semi Matte Trans Blue, Ed Black

Full specs.

Mankind Sunchaser Frame Group 6
Sunchaser Frame Geo 01
Daniel  Ralle  Juchatz Pic By Michael Fo╠Êrster

Ooooft! Daniel 'Ralle' Juchatz. Photo by Michael Förster.

Pick yours up here or ask for MANKIND at your local bike shop or any of our DIG Partner stores worldwide: Source BMX | Kunstform | Lux BMX