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ÉCLAT goes back to the drawing board

21 Nov 2022

Eclat SOLO BMX inner tube black 3 web

Éclat is always digging deep to create new products and expand on existing ideas. The Solo inner tube is one such product--they went back to the drawing board to fine-tune one of the most basic bicycle parts. Here's the lowdown: "We got in touch with the best inner tube manufacturer and sourced a tube, which we felt was the perfect blend of quality, construction, and durability. We then widened that tube up to allow it to be compatible with today’s 2.40″ and larger tires.
We decided to use our own full-length metal valve which is much stronger and more resilient to damage and the threaded lock ring included allows you to install and inflate the inner tube with more ease and ensures that the valve is always fully seated and installed correctly."

There you have it. The Solo tube is everything you need it to be. The guitar amp inspired box make it even cooler.

Éclat BMX is an official DIG partner