Productivity - WETHEPEOPLE 2018 Completes

This year's offering from the German giants.

25 Jan 2018

Wethepeople 2018 Envy Cassette Matt Black Side

Official DIG Partners: WETHEPEOPLE BMX

Remember when you got a complete bike for Christmas and you thought it was the greatest thing in the world, then you went to the park and saw a PRO rider and you soon realised that what you had was nothing short of a cheap and nasty supermarket bike. Well those days are far behind us, WETHEPEOPLE are one of a select group of brands who have been leading the way in giving that stereotype of crappy complete bikes a real good kick in the rear end.

Boasting one of the most dynamic and characteristic assemblages of complete bikes in BMX, WETHEPEOPLE is back with its 2018 complete bike series. WTP cover everything and are known all over the globe for not just making bikes, but the way they make them. Carefully designed 12” and 16” bikes including entry-level models that feature 25-9 gearing and plastic pedals from leading component brand Éclat. Quality is the name of the game with WETHEPEOPLE, but you’d expect that from the Germans.

Prime 12”

Kicking off the line, and new for 2018, the Prime is one of the raddest balance bikes on the market. Packed full of custom features like a super short reach CNC machined stem and knurled footpegs, this is the perfect first taste of BMX for the younger generation of shredders. MORE INFO.

Seed 16”

A carefully designed and well spec’d 16” bike, designed to make those first years on a bike as fun as they can possibly be. The Seed is packed full of the latest Salt components like a Salt (Junior) 40mm reach stem, and super short 140mm cranks. For 2018, Wethepeople upgraded the Seed with new Salt (Tracer) tires and an integrated headset and tapered fork. Arguably one of the best looking bikes in the line is also one of the smallest. The little guys and girls have never had it so good. MORE INFO.


Not in any way similar to the tinny Vauxhall hatchback of the 90s, the Nova is Wethepeople’s entry level machine which packs a hell of a punch. For 2018 the Nova gets upgraded with 2.35” Salt (Tracer) tires, the (PRO) front load stem and two incredible colour options. A short 20” toptube and 13.2” chainstay keeps the Nova nimble and easy to maneuver for first time riders, and the 25-9 gearing, and mid padded combo seat give it the same feel as their PRO level bikes. MORE INFO.


The CRS enters 2018 with three fresh colourways and a healthy upgrade of new components. The geometry of the CRS has been tailored specifically to allow younger riders to be able to progress quicker, including short 13.2” chainstays and 165mm cranks, giving the CRS a responsive and snappy ride. This bike is packed to the brim with custom parts and you’ll find a fully sealed Salt (AM) cassette hub, the new Salt (Fraction) rims and even a pair of Éclat (Surge) plastic pedals. 


A tasteful and stylish model built to ride and shred it all. The Arcade is now available in both a 20.5” and a longer 21” option giving larger or senior riders the ability to ride one of the most popular bikes in their line. Between the Matt Black version with a touch of Satin Oil Slick, and the Translucent Blue colourway, you’ll be left debating which one you want to take home the fastest. MORE INFO.


The Justice is a carefully assembled masterpiece with the sophistication and elegance that you just won’t find on any other bike. You’ll notice a lot of attention to detail on the Justice, including the “wear” line on the Saltplus (Sting) tires and the smaller “hang free” dropouts for a seamless peg/hubguard interface. Now with revised geometry for 2018, the Justice is a fantastic all round bike that comes with fully removable brake hardware and all the latest equipment you will need to conquer any terrain you want. Schemed and spec’d to handle just about anything, the Justice really is the bike of no compromises. MORE INFO.


The dream bike for any street rider, the Reason comes with everything you need to take your game to the next step, forwards or backwards. Stacked up with the newly updated Saltplus (PRO) Freecoaster, this incredible street machine features snappy geometry and comes with new for 2018 Saltplus (Brace) rims and WETHEPEOPLE (Remote) grips for the best parts package on a bike of its kind. This freecoasting upgrade even comes with a full chromoly 4pc handlebar and Saltplus (PRO) Nylon hubguards front and rear, making it a true street weapon.


The Crysis is a mid-level bike with a spec that could easily be found on the same bikes the Wethepeople PRO team are riding this year. You’ll find a generous helping of éclat aftermarket parts including the super wide (Trippin XL) rims, low profile (Slash) pedals and even the new (Talon) brake, which accommodates the largest tires on the market. If that wasn’t enough, the Crysis is available in two frame sizes (20.5” or 21”), both of which use our new invest cast wishbone featured on their 2018 Revolver aftermarket frame. MORE INFO.


An unstoppable skatepark machine, this year Wethepeople stepped things up even further with two of the most elaborate colourways in the line. Complete with a Saltplus (GEO) rotor setup and the Wethepeople (INDEX) stem, the Versus is based around the geometry of their Message aftermarket line, and is about as close to a PRO level contest winning unit as you’re going to get in one bike. MORE INFO.


A finely tuned beast designed to kill it on any surface or environment, the Trust is laden with all of the finest Wethepeople parts including the fatter 2.35” version of the (Feelin) tires as well as the brand new (Remote) flangeless grips and the (Logic) rims. Rolling out of the door with a full assortment of Saltplus parts and two incredible colourways. This year the frame even boasts invest cast dropouts with integrated chain tensioners making the Trust one of a kind. Also available as an FC version with a 4PC bar and a freecoaster hub. MORE INFO.


The Zodiac is a fully-fledged street warrior built up with some of the latest cutting edge parts from éclat including a wheelset using the new (Camber) rims and (Cortex) hubs with Nylon hub guards. Based off the new-school tech setups that many of the WTP team are riding on, the Zodiac features one of the shortest chainstays ever used on a complete bike at 12.95”, and is paired up with shorter 165mm cranks, a 26mm offset fork and even an oversize 25.4mm 4pc bar and éclat (Slattery) stem. Available in two amazing colourways in either RSD or LSD, this freecoasting beast has everything you could need to go seek and destroy. MORE INFO.   


With geometry based off their Patrol aftermarket range and a longer 21.25” toptube, the Volta now features a (Patrol) stem and 28t sprocket, as well as the new (Logic) rims and (Overbite) tires, making for a fast and sturdy ride no matter the terrain. Now available in a glorious Translucent Honey Gold finish with Polished éclat (Kolibri) hubs, the Volta is a carefully built stallion, bred to shred the big line down the trails, or roast the deep end of your local bowl in equal style. MORE INFO.


The Envy has been carefully re-designed and all the components hand picked to ensure it’s the perfect bike for street and park riders, and just about everything in between. Back in Black for 2018, the Envy is backed up by another jaw dropping parts list adorning a new frame utilizing beautiful invest cast dropouts as well as Supreme hubs, and new parts from éclat including the high performance (Mirage) 2.35” tires and the CNC machined (RS) sprocket. Now available in 20.5” and 21” toptube lengths. MORE INFO.

Audio 22"

A brand new model for 2018, Wethepeople introduce the Audio, their first ever 22” complete bike. There is no denying the momentum of the 22” movement; the larger diameter wheel provides a more stable ride without sacrificing the classic BMX look and feel. Perfect for the die-hard trail dogs or just taller riders looking for a bike more fitting to their size, without having to ride a bike that simply isn’t a BMX.. The 22” revolution is here, and the Audio is a solid contender for the best 22” bike out. MORE INFO.

Atlas 24"

The Atlas is the perfect bike for those times when bigger is better. The Translucent Matt Red finish is completed with a racing inspired geometry, a V-brake and even a (Patrol) stem and 33t sprocket, allowing you to really put your foot down and get your sprint on. Whether you’re down the trails, at the pump track or just heading into the city, the Atlas is so much fun to ride, you’ll have a hard time putting it down.    


Inspired by the bikes we used to ride back in the day, the Avenger is the perfect bike for the beer run, or when you fancy putting in the miles on a more luxurious ride. If this is your bag then the Avenger is the perfect bike for you. MORE INFO.

 WETHEPEOPLE BMX are Official DIG Partners.