SETUPS: Reed Stark

Reed's signature steed is always on Safari...

30 Jan 2018

Reed Stark Setups Digbmx Kevin Schnider 15

Interview by: Wes McGrath Photos by: Kevin Schnider

Reed Stark has been crossing the globe as of late looking for all the dustiest street nugs that have been left untouched and for that mission he needs a ride he can trust. 100% full BSD from top to bottom, Reed takes us through his signature BSD Safari frame and setup, along with some news on his latest endeavours.

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Name: Reed Stark

Age: 25

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Current location: Phuket, Thailand

Sponsors: BSD, Sweets Kendamas, Cannarite, Rawr Superfoods, Plants Basically, etnies

100% B-S-FUCKIN-D:

FRAME: BSD Safari 21.8

BARS: BSD Giraffic XL OS 1" clamp

GRIPS: BSD Paley Slims

STEM: BSD Stacked OS 1" clamp

HEADSET: BSD Integrated

FORKS: BSD Jonesin


CRANKS: BSD Substance 175mm



REAR HUB: BSD Westcoaster

REAR TIRE: BSD Donnastreet



FRONT TIRE: BSD Donnastreet





KICKS: Etnies Jameson MT

ANY OTHER PERSONAL MODS? Safari Shit frame bags

Reed Stark Setups Digbmx Kevin Schnider 8

What has the last year been like for you?

A bouncy ball in a haze of space dust!

How long have you been riding for BSD?

8 years.

Did you ride for any other frame sponsors before getting on BSD?

Sunday for three years.

What signature part was your first and with which company?

The Giraffic bars with BSD.

How does it feel to be a part of a company that is so supportive of international travel?

Absolutely brilliant. No one does it as good as BSD.

Reed Stark Setups Digbmx Kevin Schnider 7
Reed Stark Setups Digbmx Kevin Schnider 6

Your latest and current signature frame color-way is named, 'Safari Mud', what's the deal behind the color and it's name?

While filming for the Safari frame promo in South Africa I scooped up a jar of mud from a foot wide hog hole in the ground during an actual safari. Took a photo of the mud and used that color as the paint for the frame. It was right after we saw the wild giraffes so seemed hecka fitting.

Is there any special geometry or details on any of your signature parts that you'd like to highlight?

Mad pins in the corners of the Safari pedals so they last longer than a week, mad height with the Giraffic bars so you don't destroy your back riding with bad posture, mad length on the Safari frame top tube with a short back end so you don't smash your knee on the stem and can still whip a 540, 100% water resistant nylon material on the Safarishit frame bags so your most important possessions don't get wet on a wicked one, and white paint around the hole on the Safari kendama so you can track that thang and spike it like cooper eddy.

List five of your favorite places in the world you've visited so far?

Thailand, South Africa, Morocco, Japan, Berlin.

Can you remember your first BMX trip out of the country?

Six weeks in Dumbarton, Scotland living in Kriss Kyle’s room. Heaps of cider, Buckfast, fish 'n' chips, and late night sessions at Unit 23.

Was that trip your first time out of the country all together?

Nah I’d been to Canada to snowboard and Dominican Republic to swim around age 12.

Reed Stark Setups Digbmx Kevin Schnider 10
Reed Stark Setups Digbmx Kevin Schnider 9

List five things you travel with at all times on a BMX trip?

Hammock, kendama, superfoods, homie hammock/boa, frame bag.

Your signature products by BSD are named, Safari. When did you first come up with this name and the vision behind your designs?

Grant actually coined the term. We were brainstorming ideas to describe the importance of extra pins on the plastic pedals and that popped up.

Safari means the products are designed to last you throughout a long adventure. I find myself deep in some sticky situations and can't afford to have products malfunction that I desperately need. A lot of riders can break a pedal at their local skatepark in California and get one sent out the next day. That shit is way more difficult to pull off when you’re riding street in an African desert. If it isn't the highest quality possible I simply ain't fuckin' with it.

What is Safari Shit?

A lifestyle.

Did the extensive travel provided by your BMX career directly influence your new 'Safari-Shit' endeavor?

100%. I got sick of carrying around tools, the kendama, and all sorts of daily essentials in my backpack because it whacks you in the back every time you bunnyhop. I found a cut and sew studio in LA and made a much needed frame bag to stash goods. The studio makes crazy high quality clothing for runway models and shit so the apparel with fire zipper pockets and hidden stash spots came soon after the frame bag. Safari Shit products and apparel make traveling stress free. Nothing better than knowing your phone and wallet are concealed and won't fall out of a pocket.

Reed Stark Setups Digbmx Kevin Schnider 16
Reed Stark Setups Digbmx Kevin Schnider 11
Reed Stark Setups Digbmx Kevin Schnider 5

When did Safari-Shit first come about?

My birthday this past year is when we dropped the first three products. October 20th, 2017. I went to university for this shit and am stoked as fuck to finally use my education for something I love. It’s amazing to see the number of people who are supporting it from the start. It’s also incredible to have a team of people running things in LA so I can continue to mob.

So you've just gotten off a BSD trip to Thailand and now you're on the way to Simple Session 2018. How was the trip and basically, how is life for Reed right now?

It’s been delightful. We found so many dope spots. Filmed about 10 minutes of raw riding footage in two weeks. The team left to their respective continents and I’ve just been island hopping, cruising around on motorbikes, rock climbing, cliff diving, jamming dama, and getting involved in all sorts of other safari shit.

To close it out, what do you think is the most important aspect in a rider to achieve longevity?

Choose your bangers wisely.

Anything else?

Thanks boys! Love ya'll!