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24 Mar 2017

747 Days Of BSD Transmission

A DIG 99.5 Re-Print


Photos by Fred Murray, Vince Perraud, Jason Colledge & Ben McPherson

Over the past two years or so the BSD team have been scouring the out edges of the atmosphere for the finest spots available - the result, BSD's epic 'Transmission' DVD. Whether it's being chased by a machine gun toting French gypsy or having babies, the team went through the full cycle of full-length DVD ups and downs and we got to be there to witness a lot of it, thankfully not the baby bit though. Here's a look at some of the experiences from each rider's point of view, via the pages of DIG 99.5.

Bsd Transmission Img 4264 Cmyk

Day 12 - Victory for the Jersey boy in MN. Photo by Vince Perraud.

"What was it like shooting guns for the first time on this trip? Pretty daunting. No checks, two minutes of showing us around the guns and the guy gave me and Donny a hand gun and an assault rifle. Then we were well on our way to making the world a safer place."
— Mike 'Jersey' Taylor
Bsd Transmission Db5 A2729 Cmyk

Day 131 - Santander, Spain. "Eye eye matey". Sam Jones takes a break from filming to contemplate the pressure of filming with what he rightly describes as "One of the best teams out there". Photo by Vince Perraud

Bsd Transmission Dan Paley Over Backwards Switch Tooth Cmyk

Day 170 - Ashdod, Israel. Although Dan Paley’s filming time got cut short by a horrible knee injury he filmed some crazy shit beforehand, much like this over backwards switch tooth in Israel. Paley has to be one of the most naturally talented bike riders I’ve met and no doubt once he’s back to full strength he’ll be blowing minds once more. Wait until you see his Transmission section… Photo by Fred Murray

“When I think about all the places I'm going to go and what you want to do for the DVD, my heart starts to race. It makes me anxious. I’m always down for adventure but fuck going to space! There’s too much shit I need to do on this planet first.” 

— Dan Paley

Bsd Transmission Dsc 2243

Day 166 - Tel Aviv, Israel - When you ride like Reed Stark bruised heels are part of everyday life. Get in from riding, eat some food, ice your feet in the sink… Photo by Fred Murray

Bsd Transmission Liam Zingbergs Feeb Feeb Feeb Hard Bars Cmyk

Day 173 - Tel Aviv, Israel Liam Zingbergs might just be the only guy on BSD who has actually been to the moon. Feeble, oppo feeble, feeble to hard 180 bar and then straight back to giving me shit. Photo by Fred Murray

Bsd Transmission Kriss Kyle Table Cmyk

Day 169 - Tel Aviv, Israel - Kriss Kyle sending it like never before at this classic Tel Aviv spot. That's some astronaut kinda shit. Shabba. Photo by Fred Murray

"That's some 
astronaut kinda shit. Shabba"

Bsd Transmission Dsc 3292 Cmyk

Day 165 - Tel Aviv, Israel - Call that a knife? Zingbergs with his best Crocodile Dundee impression during some downtime in Tel-Aviv. Photo by Fred Murray

"We were in Shanghai and Alex and I decided to go out one night. We were trying to wave down a taxi to take us closer to a club but ended up stopping a sketchy dude on a motorbike who assured us for a small fee he could get me and Alex there. We said fuck it and got on. I was the meat in a Chinese/Scottish sandwich as Alex refused to go tip to tail with the Chinese guy. I spent the entire time in tears from laughing and right as we got to the club the dude almost washed out the front wheel in the rain. We then paid the guy and spent the next few hours in a Chinese hip hop bar, best night ever."
— Liam Zingbergs
Bsd Transmission Dsc 3607 Cmyk

Day 171 - Tel Aviv, Israel - Outside of the 12 hours a day that Leezy spends on the sofa you can’t stop 'the bantz'. Kriss Kyle doing what you don’t want to do on a BSD trip, next to the worst person to do it beside. Photo by Fred Murray

Bsd Transmission Dsc 4472 Cmyk

Day 310 - Shanghai, China - Zingbergs and another random collection of Shanghai lurkers watching the show. Photo by Fred Murray

Bsd Transmission David Grant High Pegs

Day 311 - Shanghai, China - If there’s a peg or feeble grind to be had, you know David Grant will be first in there. Photo by Fred Murray

Bsd Transmission David Grant Dsc 5569 Cmyk

Day 311 - Shanghai, China While in China, out of any of us David Grant had the most people come up to him in the street asking for a photo with him. He would always cuddle them as much as possible. Photos by Fred Murray

Bsd Transmission Dsc 6469 Cmyk

Day 317 - Shanghai, China Alex 'white rice' Donnachie, mid-line noz deep in Shanghai. No matter which direction you look in that city, at least one crane will be in sight. Photo by Fred Murray

Bsd Transmission Alex Donnachie Full Cab

Day 322 - Shanghai, China - Despite pecking on what looked like a street pigeon the previous night at dinner, Alex summoned up enough power bar to unleash this huge full cab for the Chinese fans. It’s not often that you check a clip with five or more random people huddled around the camera with you, but in China it’s standard. I love that place. Photo by Fred Murray

“For Transmission I put a lot of pressure on myself to try and push things more than I normally would.” 

— Alex Donnachie

Bsd Transmission Luc Legrand Football 360

Day 516 - Gran Canaria - It’s like Luc Legrand’s riding is a polar opposite of his personality. Usually a calm, mild mannered guy and then one leg over the bike and he becomes a bloodthirsty machine. We rolled up to this place during a local soccer match and tensions were high with fans surrounding the pitch watching. Luc was desperate to three the gap so we waited until half time and when everyone was too busy sucking on their oranges Luc floored it at the gap and nailed it. It was kind of weird because no one seemed to care that he had just merged two “sports” without permission and he even got a couple of claps. — Photo by Fred Murray

"Luc was desperate to three this gap and we knew his chance would come at half-time. Once everyone was busy sucking on their oranges, Luc floored it and nailed it.."
— Fred Murray
Bsd Transmission Luc Legrand Down Table

Day 517 - Gran Canaria - Luc Legrand may be a street rider but he can style up a down table with the best of them. Photo by Fred Murray

Bsd Transmission Reed Stark Oppo Feeble To 360

"Watching Reed Stark ride is like watching a really happy spaniel puppy on crack find a hole full of bones. His appetite for burly spots is insatiable. "

Bsd Transmission 2016 Photo Bsd Trip Day 1 205 Cmyk

Day 605 - Santa Barbara, CA. - On the first day in Cali, we were ridng past this railroad near the beach when Nick Castillo spotted this crazy pole jam thing he'd been eyeing up, he hit it full throttle on the worst run up and slipped off the side, OTB over this hedge. Typical Guerilla squadron style. - Photo By Ben McPherson

Bsd Transmission 2016 Photo Bsd Trip Day 6 716 Cmyk

Day 611 - San Diego - Some classic Cali concrete with ice creams to go. - Photo By Ben McPherson

Bsd Transmission 2016 Photo Bsd Trip Day 6 93 Cmyk

Day 612 - San Diego - "Just do yourself a favour and pull it first go". Mike Taylor heeding some advice. - Photo By Ben McPherson

Bsd Transmission Leezy Quad Kinker Cmyk

Day 642 - Lisbon, Portugal - I know... you're probably thinking the same as me - how is this possible? What the photo doesn't show as well is the final stage ice! Leezy coming in hot for his 'Transmission' banger. - Photo by Jason Colledge

"What the photo doesn't show as well is the final stage ice! Leezy coming in hot for his 'Transmission' banger."

Bsd Transmission Alex Noz Hanger Cmyk

Day 643 - Lisbon, Portugal - This ledge is located in rail heaven in Lisbon where the guys spent about four days in total due to the multitude of rideable objects. Alex Donnachie getting precise on a steep old piece while 'Transmission' director Dave Sowerby locks it into digital history. — Photo by Jason Colledge

About that intro photo...

Bsd Transmission Img 2697 Cmyk

Day 7 - Minneapolis MN - The Dan Paley show. Humidity does strange things to a man. - Photo by Vince Perraud.

“BSD dudes are the best at keeping up the energy so once someone sets the tone its only a matter of time before someone else answers back with something else to get everyone freakin' out….”
— David Grant

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